Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A Little Explaination...

Did you ever look up at the book you were reading in a cold sweat and realize that your hundreds of pages into it and no one's head exploded or a ninja-sword hadn't appeared and none of the sex was beyond explicit? There's still several hundred pages left and nothing has seemed to really happen yet in this door-stop of a book your reading. You think "well, there could have at least been a gun-fight or a car-chase or a car-chase with a gun-fight." But this book is a lot of nothing, full of fluff and no good-old fashion mystery, mayhem, blood, guts, love, sex, death, Russian spies, Nazis, and white-hot action.

Well, this is what this blog is about, mining the "popcorn" fiction that proves you can fit a full story in under a couple hundred pages. Books that have scantily-clad women, numbers, and guns on the covers. These are books by publishers like Gold Medal, Pinnacle, Manor, Zebra, Belemont-Tower, Leisure, Dell , etc. etc. They where sold a grocery-stores, sex-shops, truck stops, and news-stands provided a few hours of thrilling entertainment for one low price.

If any of these things catch you attention. Join me as I wad through the gems and turds of sleazy (and classy) paperback fiction.

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